1. Location of Siple Dome in West Antarctica (Map).

2. Temperature profile in the ice at the Summit Site near the main ice corehole (Fig. 1).

3. Compare the summit temperature profile with the Byrd borehole temperature profile (Fig. 2).

4. Temperature profile in the ice at the Flank Site 8.5 km from the main ice corehole (Fig. 2).

5. Deuterium content of Siple Dome ice cores determined by Jean-Robert Petit, Grenoble (Fig. 3).

6. Ice density and relaxation determined by Toni Gow, Hanover (Fig. 4).

7. Ice depth at Siple Dome summit is 1004 m.

8. Digital images of thin sections of hot-water drilled ice core data can be found at WAISCORES or here.

Digital Image data for Hot-Water Drilled Ice Cores from thin sections prepared by Tony Gow:

  • Thin Sections from the Hot Water Core ENG23 at the flank drill site (S 81° 39.26', W 148° 48.49')

    9. These ice cores were drilled with our new hot-water ice-corer with its drill head incorporating 40 tiny nozzles.