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Who We Are

The Earthquake Research Affiliates (ERA) of Caltech is a program of scientific and earthquake engineering outreach organized to:

  • Promote the utilization of new research and technology in earth science and engineering among organizations likely to be optimal users.
  • Provide a forum for inviting optimal and essential users to participate in the development and pilot testing of user-interface technologies.
  • Facilitate an information exchange between the researchers, developers, and users of first-response, damage assessment, aftershock forecast, and other earthquake technologies.

Who is the ERA intended to serve?

  • Public and Private Utilities
  • Transportation and Lifelines
  • Emergency Management
  • News Media
  • Engineering Companies
  • Voluntary Organizations

ERA Mission
The Earthquake Research Affiliates (ERA) mission is to promote the utilization of new research and technology in earth science and engineering, by inviting optimal user to participate in the development and pilot testing of this research. And to encourage the exchange of information between producers and users of earth science and engineering information.

ERA Objectives

  • To develop partnerships with public and private sector organizations to further develop and adapt new technologies .
  • Promote a better understanding of earthquakes, risk potential, and provide information on new research that is useful in formulating an emergency response plan .
  • Provide immediate post-earthquake reports in the affected region.

ERA Services

  • CISN Display information will transmit directly to ERA/CUBE members, for notification of earthquakes and earthquake products, i.e. focal mechanism, CIM (Community Intensity Map), ShakeMap products, and more.
  • Access to custom belt paging system which provides magnitude, location, time and date of an earthquake event in Southern California or nation wide, as needed within 4 minutes of occurrence at a set threshold.
  • Access to Caltech scientists and engineers in the immediate aftermath of a significant earthquake.
  • Partnership with member organizations for specialized ShakeMaps, site specific ground motion, and more.
  • Seminars, field trips and other activities.
  • Semi-annual meetings and special focus groups and workshops as necessary.
  • Quarterly newsletter to inform members of recent activities and updated information on earthquake events and seismic engineering activities.
  • The ERA website provides members up-to-date information on all activities, services, links, research updates, and contacts and recent earthquake events.
  • Consultation with ERA at member's facilities.
  • Library and publication access

Who We Are
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